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Midnight Ambulance, Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh 03-02-24

I got a ticket for this gig having heard a few of their tracks and on the strength of a couple of good pals (DJ Gez and Dougie) recommendations having seen them in the same venue last year, that while Midnight Ambulance’s recordings are good they don’t do their live set justice.

Wow! They were 100% spot on, this incredible duo will blow you away.

The fact this show sold out is telling that they’re already due a step up into bigger venues (kudos Sneaky Pete’s for putting yet another great band on!) and I’m sure they could’ve filled the place two or three times over.

The first thing that hit me when they came on was the just how big their sound is. For only a duo (Amelia and Fraser), they sound like a band of at least half a dozen seasoned musicians. I wasn’t expecting to hear a combination of (and this won’t do it justice) atmospheric synthy goth, with a bit of new wave electro and a good measure of folk thrown in to round it off. A contrast and complimenting clash of darkwave and upbeat poppiness. Every song combines each of these styles a little differently and they way they’re delivered adds layer upon layer compared to their studio versions. It’s not a wall of sound, but kind of came at me in waves making it feel like it surrounds you, rather than just hearing someone playing. It’s complex and a unique use of sound, but very effective and very enjoyable.

Between songs Amelia spoke a lot about how the pair started collaborating during Covid which, the more she said, it became clearer how that time and experience has been as an influence on their music, adding an underlying melancholy to their sound.

While it was one of the shorter shows I’ve seen lately (a little under an hour) we definitely weren’t short-changed. Their songs are all excellent and well crafted - in fact this is one of the best I’ve seen so far this year – and with more material being written I’m sure their sets will grow to match what I expect will be a quickly growing fanbase, more attention, exposure and larger venues in a very short time.

I can’t wait to hear them take their sound even further onwards and upwards too. As I got a quick chat with Fraser from the band afterwards and asked him how they achieve such a big sound with only two of them ( “Buttons” he said, pointing to his equipment), I’m sure they’ll manage fine. Check them out, you won't be disappointed.

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This sounds like a fantastic gig. I'm intrigued. Would love to hear Midnight Ambulance for myself.

Mrs G-A

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