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Indie, Goth, Punk, Psychedelia, New Wave, Rock, Metal or any other style or genre of music that takes my fancy. Good music is good music and loud, live and right in front of your face is the best way to hear it. Go see the bands you love and love the bands you see. 
I do, and here's some stuff about them. Hope you like like it. 

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Introducing....Slash Vaseline!

What's the weirdest thing Slash Vaseline's dark and damned soul has ever seen at a gig? Find out here at his Gig-Antics Setlist Q&A

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So many gigs. How do you keep track of yours?

I've started this blog site as a way of capturing something from the gigs I go to, about the bands, the songs, venues and my fellow giggers (of which there are many and colourful characters). A bit of a review on what I thought of the shows, a record of where we were and what we did and some random antics on the way. Hopefully if you like some of the bands I see, this site will encourage you to look into others as I go to a varied range of music genres, styles and era's.

I've also been adding a song per band/gig I go to on a playlist each year. Here's the last few years and keep an ear to this years as it grows with every gig.

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