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The Lovely Eggs, La Belle Angele

Edinburgh, 24-05-24

There’s not a harder working music duo than David and Holly, The Lovely Eggs, and if shows like this are the result then more bands should be following their lead and doing the same. Not only taking care of the music side of all things Eggs, but they literally do everything a record company, PR, management and distribution would do too.

Their sound is pure joy. Loud, infectious, funny and great to sing and jump around to their upbeat take on DIY punk. Although to begin with the crowd participation wasn’t to Holly’s bank holiday weekend atmosphere expectations (cue a short confusing debate about bank holiday in Edinburgh or not. I’ve since checked and I’m still not sure), but things soon got into full swing. They kicked off with a few new songs from their latest album Eggistentialism, which are as good as anything they’ve ever done and throughout the fifteen songs we were treated to, the half dozen new ones went down well with the crowd. Nothing/Everything is a top contender for best new song of the year for me already. Check out the album if you haven’t already – it’s an absolute treat.

It was DJ Daddy Long Legs’ first Lovely Eggs gig, and he loved it. Having seen them last year at The Mash House (and offering to have them stay at Gig-Antics HQ then due to extortionate hotel prices because of the Edinburgh marathon on the same time. That would've something!), I knew what we were in for, and it was great to see a crowd two or three times bigger than before – a fair indication of their growing popularity. It was DJ DDL’s last social outing for a while as the surprise general election announcement means he’s going to be working 24/7 for the next six weeks. I’m looking forward to his next groovy setlist Now That’s What I Called a General Election if it’s going to take him that long to perfect.

Lots of great banter from the band; from the MDMA gong to Dave’s tour fridge (get a cool bag instead Dave, much easier!), holidaying in nearby Dalkeith as a little egg and random Lancaster suburbs being shouted at the band added to the fun of the night.

Some top singalong tunes tonight, especially the always excellent Fuck It, Giggy Wiggy and Don’t Look at Me. It was only an hour, but what a magic set of songs. It’s impossible to hear the Lovely Eggs and not feel happier because of it. To steal from an old 1950’s advert and take this advice, “Start the Day Right with Eggs: Go To Work On An Egg”. Lovely.

We missed both support acts, but did catch the last few minutes of Violent Malice and not sure what to make of them (one member of the Edinburgh Gigeratti said to us it had him questioning his own definition of boundaries, which made me think we’d missed a real treat!). Also, amongst other regular giggers we caught up with, it was good to see La Beat Soul* Ross for the third time in as many weeks. Great minds and all that.

On our way out, back to Bannerman’s bar for some after-beers, Holly and Dave were already at the merch stall putting another shift in, selling, signing merch and posing for photos (shout out to merch guy Phil too!).

Hardest working band in Eggland without a doubt.

*check out the monthly La Beat soul nights  

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