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Then Comes Silence & Agent Side Grinder, Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh 10-01-24

Updated: Jan 15

First gig of 2024 and first post on this my new blog about the gigs I go to. I gig a lot, with a lot of people from all over the place and since it's a wide variety of bands and genres from different eras, I'm not trying to win a Pulitzer with these ramblings, just share my gigging with you and  hope you find something new and interesting in it.

So, the gig. A cold and wet Wednesday in Edinburgh felt like a fitting night for a couple of goth bands from Sweden to kick my gigging year off. Then Comes Silence were headlining but really it was two headliners as Agent Side Grinder are a big deal in their own right, so it was a double bonus seeing these two on the same bill.

Agent Side Grinder took a song or two to get into their stride and get the sound sorted, but quickly got into it with their synth goth sound keeping the crowd happy. I hadn't heard much of them before but I enjoyed their set and the highlights for me was their Murder Ballad, in keeping with the centuries-old Swedish tradition which brought the Then Comes Silences singer/bass player Alex Svenson on for it, giving their three-piece band an extra sound dimension.

Then Comes Silence didn't disappoint. Another three piece but with a very big sound. More of a traditional 80s goth feel to their set, comfortingly familiar but new and fresh at the same time. Full of energy and very engaging with the crowd, the band looked like they were enjoying it as much as the we were (except when Alex's sound effects box started to play up - he never goes anywhere without it).

Both bands played around an hour in the very atmospheric Cabaret Voltaire and if the rest of this year's gigging is anywhere as good as this it's going to be a cracker.

Check them both out here

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